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About Us

Jordan Clocks is a full service repair & restoration company offering everything from basic maintenance and minor repairs to complete rebuild and restoration of all mechanical clocks. Established in 1986, Jordan Clocks is a family owned business owned and operated by Darrell and Graham Jordan. The father and son have been working together for over 15 years.

The Early Years

Darrell Jordan apprenticed under master clockmaker David Arnold at Craft Clocks in Elmhurst, IL beginning in 1977. There Darrell learned and mastered everything from basic maintenance to full restoration of antique clocks. Learning in this environment had other advantages. Where many repairmen might see one or two clocks each day, Darrell was exposed to 30-40 clocks a day. By the early 1980’s Craft Clocks was staffed by five full-time clock repairmen, becoming one of the largest and most prestigious repair facilities in the nation. The unique store and repair shop were also a popular destination for clock lovers from all around the Midwest.

Jordan Clocks

By 1979 Darrell had achieved the designations of certified clockmaker from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute as well as a Craft member of the British Horological Institute. By 1983 he was managing both the repair facility and the retail store Craft Clocks. In 1986 he decided to move off on his own and created Jordan Clocks, Inc.

Over the years he has seen literally thousands of clocks; spending thousands of hours burnishing pivots, rebushing movements and mastering the often-challenging science of clock repair. He has established himself as one of the foremost repairmen in the field of horology and Jordan Clocks has become one of the most recognized names for clock service in the Chicagoland area.

Current Day

Graham Jordan has been working with his father since the age of fourteen. After college and a brief career as a general contractor, Graham came back to the family business to apprentice under his father. After years of training Graham has moved from basic maintenance to complete restorations. Under Darrell’s tutelage Graham has learned the art and science of all aspects of clock repair including such tasks as replacement of teeth on a wheel, repivoting of a clock wheel, replacing and repairing damaged mainsprings and even creating the tools or parts required for specific repairs. Graham is currently a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and the National Association of Watch and Clock collectors. The designation of Certified Clock Maker achieved by Darrell in 1979 is not currently offered by the AWCI.

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