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Antique Clock Restoration

Over 30 Years of Experience

Jordan Clocks has been performing antique repair & restoration for over thirty years.  All work is completed at the Jordan Clocks shop by Darrell and Graham Jordan. All work is performed to the highest standards.

Our Process


Step one of the restoration process is determining the level of restoration required and the services necessary to restore your clock to its desired condition. A full restoration can involve one or all of the following services. The mechanical movement may need to be cleaned and/or rebuilt. The movement may have missing or damaged parts that will need to be replaced or reproduced. The dial may need to be cleaned, repainted or re-silvered depending on its style and the state of the dial. The case may need simple cleaning and touch-ups or it may need major repairs and refinishing. Other parts of the clock such as finials, feet, locks, pulleys, etc. may need repair or replacement.


Darrell and Graham Jordan perform all repairs at their fully equipped repair and restoration facility. They can handle any issue from repairing or making parts to complete overhaul and restoration of all 18th, 19th & early 20th century clocks. From the finest English tall case clocks to Herschede tubular clocks and everything in between. Darrell and Graham possess the experience and skill to restore or conserve your cherished timepiece. To see some of Jordan Clocks previous repair work visit the gallery of repaired clocks.

Our Philosophy

Mechanical clocks have been around for more than 500 years. There are varying opinions regarding repair, restoration and conservation. Many scholars and museums believe that all historical pieces should remain conserved as best as they can be and never repaired. But for many people there is little value or enjoyment from a clock that is mechanically unusable. Often there is great sentimental value attributed to a family timepiece. Our philosophy is to be true to the original techniques and to conserve as much of the original clock as possible while bringing the clock back to perfect working order for the enjoyment of our customers.